Teaser for Mean Machines 2015

03 - AddHi to our fellow loyal supporter!! We are back yet and this time we bring good news, Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Hombre there we go it will be our very first time being part of Mean Machines! Along the event we actually prepare assorted of games and activities such as GUESS THE BALLS and yet attractive EXCLUSIVE PRIZES will be given!! Anyway last but not least there will be a couple of SIZZLING Schmaco HOT BABES waiting for interaction!!! Stay tuned for details and don’t miss out!!! We do hope everyone would spare times and share this treasure moment with us!!! Date: 31st October – 1st November 2015 Time: 12pm – 12pm Venue: Auto City Juru, Penang 这一次我们带了个惊喜给大家!我们将会在这个星期六第一次参加 Mean Machines 的大型改车展活动!主办当局在当天举办了一系列的节目与选美比赛, Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Mujer Barata 我们 Schmaco 也会送出种种的赠品与大奖(只限于游戏)!对!是大奖!只要您参加我们的“猜气球”活动,猜中了车里有多少粒气球,您就可以赢取大奖了!香车与美人, Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Pas Cher Calvin Klein Slip 还吸引不到您吗?Schmaco 的辣妹在等待您的到来!希望大家可以抽出您们宝贵的时间, Chaussures Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Bikini Calvin Klein Outlet 来到这个大马最大型的改车展活动, Calvin Klein Underwear Outlet 支持支持我们!日期:31日10月 – 1日11月时间:12下午 至 12凌晨地点:Auto City Juru,